REDS: Quality over Quantity 04-12-2015 - 16:10

The export in red onions is going well this year. The yields in red onions this year are similar to past years but it is a challenge to find the right quality fields. Red onions are traditionally a niche market. Clients usually have small demands, specific orders and high quality standards. Although the Reds do not create as much volume as yellow onions, it’s a market that has its own unique features that makes us proud to grow and trade Reds.
The Reds have grown a lot this year, on average a bit bigger than usual. The big sized onions are finding their way to North 

American countries and the Middle east, while small sized are being shipped to Asia, Caribbean countries and closer to home, for example Germany. Every size has a destination, no onion is left out!
Like in yellow onions, every time of the year has his own demand. In the first half of the season Asia, Africa and South America are buying and in the second half most of the European countries reveal themselves when running low on local stock.

In addition to our own onions, we are working with excellent growers of red onions whole year round. These growers are specially selected by our quality manager and only the best lots will find their way to our clients.
If you are interested in our Red Onions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details and specifications.