Growing onions and a growing export market! 23-06-2016 - 11:20

The last years the acreage onions increased each year with a number of per cent.  The differences of the plots will be great in the Netherlands. There are parts where high temperatures and wet underground had achieved  a growth in the development of onions. Beside these parts there are areas with heavy flooding.  Due to the weather, there is a small delay compared to last year.
The growing season is in full swing! Dutch farmers will do everything to produce an onion of the very best quality! From these high quality onions 95% will be exported, this market is still growing. In the first quarter of 2016 there was 7,5% more exported than in the same period last year. The Netherlands is the largest exporter of onions in the world.  FlevoTrade Dronten will involved and make their contribution to this export!