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Harvest in Brazil.


Onions are growing in different parts of the Brazilian territory so the Brazilians can harvest a year round. Now the Brazilian farmers in Bahia are harvesting the onions.The revenues and quality of the crop looks fine.
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Flevo Trade Dronten is all around the world!

Flevo Trade Dronten, a leading supplier of onions, potatoes and other varieties of fruit and vegetables,  is all around the world.
Great to see the Chinese promote our company in Asia! 

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Piet in the USA!

Together with Hazera and some of their international contacts, Piet made a journey to West USA. Hazera is a global leader in the seed industry. The beautiful drive along the coast lead us to leading companies in sustainable production and processing of onions. It was interesting to talk with the local people and other participants about Research and Development and to see how the people work in other parts of the world.  We have met a lot of great companies and interesting people. We would like to thank Hazera for the organization of this study tour!

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Flevo Trade visited Senegal and Mauritania

Piet and Ronald visited Senegal and Mauritania last week. They have visited some local farmers and seen some onion fields. By knowing more and more about local cultivation the market becomes less unpredictable. Furthermore it’s always good to visit the markets where the locals sell vegetables and fruit. So far so good, there are a lot of opportunities for the export of onions to West-Africa. Great to see that they really like our Dutch onions and the onions cope so well with the extreme temperatures. 
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Fruit Logistica 2016

Fruit Logistica is already half-way over! Our stand looks extra special this year thanks to Dorien van Liere, our event manager! Of course our entire salesteam is present at the exhibition!
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Flevo Trade on a trip to Brazil!

Piet and Jacob went to Brazil to visit clients. It was very good to talk with the Brazilians about onions and other vegetables.  Brazil is a very important export country for Dutch onions. Great to see the agriculture and trade is quite professionalized and works efficiently! 
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REDS: Quality over Quantity

The export in red onions is going well this year. The yields in red onions this year are similar to past years but it is a challenge to find the right quality fields. Red onions are traditionally a niche market. Clients usually have small demands, specific orders and high quality standards. Although the Reds do not create as much volume as yellow onions, it’s a market that has its own unique features that makes us proud to grow and trade Reds.
The Reds have grown a lot this year, on average a bit bigger than usual. The big sized onions are finding their way to North 
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Special Potatoes

For a certain client we have sorted, brushed and packed a special requested variety of potatoes. It’s quite a search to get this variety, but Flevo Trade has good connections with farmers all over Holland, so we can provide our clients with everything they need!
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At the moment there is a shortage on big sized Celeriac suitable for industry but Flevo Trade's Tosia always knows a guy, so if you need any celeriac just ask! In a few weeks we will have our own grown celeriac available as well. That's the advantage of being trader AND grower. 
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Fruit Logistica Asia 2015

Last week Jacob and Cees visited the Fruit Logistica Asia in Hong Kong. Along with our gift bag, we met a lot of people in just a few days. After the exhibition we went to a few clients before heading back home halfway across the world. 
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Potato Europe, something for everyone!

Last week Flevo Trade was attending the Potato Europe 2015 in Tournai. Despite the weather there was a good turnout. We’ve met a lot of interesting people and it’s always good to catch up with the new developments. As always Potato Europe is not only about the trading market, but also about the growers and packing process.
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On to a great brazilian season!

Last week one of our clients from Brazil visited us. We took them on a field trip to look at new crop, visited our sample fields with different varieties, and a tour around our grading & packing station. We evaluated past season, which was a great success, and with the plans we made together for the new season,  it should be a great season again!
“Olhando para a frente!”       Looking forward to it!
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