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Red Onions

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Onions can be graded in several sizes.
For example 35/50, 40/60, 45/65, 50/70, 60/80 and 70/90mm.
We can pack in 1.000kg Jumbo, 25kg, 10kg, 5kg, 2 ½ kg and 1kg or loose.    
We set high quality standards for the onions that we grow, process, sell and export. This is why we keep in touch with our growers on a regular basis, so that we can jointly and consciously make the right cultivation choices. FlevoTrade delivers onions all year round in various size grades. We also deliver them in almost every desired packaging from: 0.5 kg till 1000 kg and loose. You can be assured of receiving firm onions with a good shape, colour and delicious taste. If you prefer red onions or shallots then you have also come to the right address.