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 When you buy onions you want to be assured that the quality you require is the same the whole year round, and that the price is competitive. This is something we understand, and it is why we have linked the cultivation of onions to the processing and the export.
When onions are growing on the land, we can already determine the quality and the size that we will harvest. Only the best batches are stored. During storage we monitor the onions on a daily basis. In this way we know exactly what quality we have available for our customers and whether the onions are suitable for export. Perhaps you have special or varied requirements for a particular size, colour or packaging?
We will ensure that everything is delivered with the utmost care and on time, just as we agreed. You can count on that.

Own export capability
FlevoTrade Dronten BV is the export company. We have deliberately chosen to keep the cultivation, processing and export under our own management because this is the only way to guarantee that the quality requested by the customer is actually delivered. At FlevoTrade the employees have a good command of the most important languages in the world. What’s more, they know a lot about onions..... and about export.

So you can rest assured that your requirements will be met in the proper way. FlevoTrade not only exports, but also takes care of the entire administration, including the export documents, the insurance and the (cooled) transportation of the products all the way to the customer - anywhere in the world.